Know your employees in order to achieve better transformation

  • Identify and promote all your teams’ skills
  • Take concrete action to increase well-being at work
  • Ease career paths
  • Accelerate HR transformation
  • Achieve job transformation and enhance employability

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THE solution to get to know your employees

A tool based on the self-declaration of skills and wishes


An assessment of digital skills based on self-declaration helps you identify the skills your company needs to develop in the future – in order to follow job transformation.


Stimulate job change opportunities thanks to Big Data and the mapping of all the skills that matter to your company.


Comply with legal obligations regarding well-being at work by taking into account employees’ motivations when assigning positions.

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1. Identifying the skills to develop or acquire during the business transformation

2. The development of new mobility paths thanks to a better matching of skills and vacancies

3. A concrete response to legal obligations in terms of well-being at work

4. A better talent targeting that allows to reduce the time needed to fill vacancies

5. A better probability of success thanks to the inclusion of the associates’ motives

6. Associates that become leaders of their employability and career path

7. Training plans better targeted and more efficient



We must adjust to the evolution of our business. At stake is to maintain the employability of our employees and to prepare them to our business in the future. We cannot just meet people and input their resume and motivations in an Excel sheet.

- A leader in the manufacturing industry

Checking “LinkedIn” profiles is the only option when looking to know our employees’ skills. Yet LinkedIn’s data is unusable from an HR perspective. Moreover, new laws on personal data limit their use. We needed a completely new tool to support our transformation.

- A leader of the social media

We are conducting transformation. Skills provide the base for this transformation. We won’t succeed unless our teams are able to follow the evolution of their jobs through specific skill development. There is no proper solution on the market today. HRIS are not “built” for this.

- A leader in the banking industry

We hold a considerable amount of data in our group: our employees’ motivations, their goals, and their activities. But we do not hold quality data on their skills and real motivations. As part of our transformation, this is one major disadvantage. WiserSKILLS brings us a practical solution that is easy to implement.

- A large company in the public sector


WiserSKILLS does not substitute the current processing of the performance assessment. It endows companies with a complementary tool to get a big picture of the needs of their organization.

  • It is built with the HR directors of large companies
  • It is user-focused
  • It abides from its creation to the European regulation on personal data
  • It is fully responsive

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